Execution methodology

RAGTRON has operated in and acquired the knowledge of market sectors and the domains there in.

Project Execution Methodology:

RAGTRON Group is undertaking solutions for electrical distribution systems, process & factory automation starting from concept to end-use of electricity, keeping in view the need of integrated system engineering and the optimal and most viable comprehensive solutions for various project requirements.

RAGTRON’s Flow chart of work in coordination with Client/Consulting Engineers

1. Master Execution Plan

2. System Design & Engineering

3. Material Procurement

4. Site Office Stores

5. Mobilisation

5. Execution of Work

6. Technical Documentation

7. Handover

9. Training to Agency

RAGTRON’s Flow chart for total integrated automation job

1. Kick of Meeting

2. Functional Design Specifications

3. IO Listings

4. Engineering Drawings: Panel & Control Desks

5. Layouts: Field Devices, Cable & Cable Trays

6. Process Software Development

7. FAT: Control System

8. Supply: Panels, Desks, Cable Trays, Cable, Field Devices, Misc

9. Field Installation & Commissioning

10. Technical Documentation

11. Handover & Trainings

project execution team

project execution team flow:

At Client Site, Professional employees form the basis of our know-how, and we believe in choosing the best and assisting them for timely execution of the projects. RAGTRON’s flowchart of hierarchy at client site shows that engineers are level at different levels to adhere to the technical specifications.
All the commercial aspects are also maintained side by side to maintain transparency and the whole client site is been handled by a project manager. This allows continuous co-ordination and quality assurance of the work along with transparency.
Specific processes are in place to manage every phase.

site incharge technical



Safety Officer






site incharge commercial


Site Purchase